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What exactly is "solar energy"?

Solar energy is powered by the sun, which shines every day, making it a renewable energy source that will never run out, unlike fossil fuels like coal and natural gas. Through a scientific phenomenon known as the photovoltaic effect, solar photovoltaics, or "PV" for short, convert sunlight ("photons") directly into electricity ("voltage").

A solar panel's basic component is a solar cell, which is manufactured of silicon wafers similar to those used in computer chips. These cells are built into solar modules, which are then linked together to form rectangular solar panels, which you've definitely seen on rooftops all over the world!Forget what they taught in school about the "solar system" - we aren't talking about stars and planets when we say solar system! The network of electrical components that transform sunshine into electricity is what we're talking about.

It's not a fluke that you can save money by lowering your power cost by limiting the quantity of energy you consume. Solar panels are becoming increasingly popular in the DMV area, owing to their capacity to save money by generating a natural source of energy capable of powering your home. If you want to save a lot of money, two crucial elements to consider are direct hours of sunlight & local electricity rates. Contact Karma today (202) 798-7663) to review your current energy bill and find out ways we can save you money!

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