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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Renovating Your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is a big project that requires extensive planning for it to turn out right. Considering the size of the investment that goes into most bathroom renovations, mistakes can be costly and hard to resolve. Avoid problems after the fact by planning with a knowledgeable contractor who can help you keep clear of these bathroom remodel issues. The end result will be a magnificent bathroom just the way you imagined it!

1. Choosing The Wrong Materials

Bathrooms should be durable, comfortable, and easy to maintain- as well as stylish.

Bathroom remodeling is an opportunity to bring new materials and features into this space; however, they should be chosen wisely.

Avoid materials that easily absorb water, scratch or chip, or require a lot of upkeep to keep them clean. Elect to make the bathroom a more convenient space, not one that is harder to take care of.

2. Not Getting the Lighting Right

Good lighting in the bathroom is a must, but too much can be just as problematic.

To get that perfect balance of natural light and bath lighting during a bathroom renovation, consider how bulb types, fixtures, windows, and mirrors all complement each other to light up the space, as well as the shape of the room.

Finding the perfect lighting design can be tricky, so it is best to work with an experienced remodeling contractor who can make suggestions.

3. Poor Ventilation or Drainage

If it is not properly handled, moisture can cause a huge amount of damage in a home, even in the bathroom.

Knowing this, be extra careful that your remodel includes enough ventilation to keep the room dry and, if adding a spa or shower stall, enough drainage to prevent standing water.

This is the perfect time to add more of each to resolve existing ventilation or drainage deficiencies, too.

4. Not Enough Storage

There never seems to be enough storage and bathrooms are no exception.

Though you likely want to keep fixtures to a minimum with your bathroom remodel to give the appearance of a larger, more comfortable space, not adding enough storage will just predispose it to clutter.

Choose fixtures and cabinetry that preserve a clean and minimalist appearance while hiding plenty of storage within.

5. Skimping

When putting the money and effort into doing a bathroom remodel, don’t skimp on the things that you want and do them halfway.

Instead, wait until there is enough in the budget to put in the fixtures and amenities that you really want and end up completely happy with in the new space.

6. Inefficient Layout

An efficient bathroom layout is one that considers critical things like plumbing, lighting, and ventilation first, other fixtures and features second.

It may be possible to put things in different places. However, that may not lend itself to an efficient layout, either from a behind-the-scenes standpoint or the use of open space after the project is complete.

This is yet another time when working with an experienced contractor is critical to plan out the best layout.

Have Bathroom Reno Success By Skipping These Mistakes

If you have been dreaming of a remodeled bathroom for years, make those dreams a reality with a do-able plan.

Avoid these common mistakes by partnering with a skilled remodeling contractor, in order to keep a bathroom renovation from turning into a big letdown.

Together you can turn that tired, outdated space into a fabulous new remodeled bathroom!

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