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Are Your Miami Doors Hurricane Ready?

To be declared hurricane-safe as a Florida resident, your doors must be able to resist simulated testing and have a verified stamp of approval. I know what you're thinking, what makes your door hurricane safe? A sturdy glass option is one of the most critical features of a hurricane-impact door. Regular glass may be destroyed by flying debris, but laminated or impact-resistant glass will keep your home safe even if it is smashed.

Karma Miami services Miami and surrounding Florida areas with the BEST quality and service you can find. We offer a wide variety of door types from hurricane-safe fiberglass or aluminum entry door, a French or sliding glass door, or a heavy-duty garage door, and more!

While real wood is attractive, it is prone to deterioration and wear. As a result, Karma Miami uses aluminum or fiberglass with wood-like patterns to create the wood like look that our clients want. Next is our strong and secure framing, The framing that holds a door in place must be strong and sturdy as the hurricane door itself. Aluminum frames, for example, are three times stronger than vinyl frames which is why it is becoming very popular with our clients. Lastly, we always make sure to check the hardware around the door to save our customers extra money in the long run because of how long and durable the door will be.

For many homeowners, dealing with criminal activity in their area is an unwelcome reality. Installing impact doors and impact-resistant windows for your home is one approach to keep proactive against break-ins.

The greater strength and durability of impact glass makes it nearly impossible for burglars to break into your home. Instead of wasting time trying to break through impact glass, most crooks will eventually lose up and look for an easier target. Impact doors from KCG are tested to the maximum durability. To keep your home or building even more secure and comfortable well beyond the storm season contact Karma Miami today!

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